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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Yahoo! News - FCC Clears 'Buffy,' 'Grace' on Charges of Indecency

To quote from the article,

"The commission noted that there was no nudity and there was no evidence that the activity depicted was dwelled upon or was used to pander, titillate or shock the audience," the commission said in a release.

Grow up, people. I can decide for myself whether or not something offends me. I can also decide for myself what, if anything, I will do about it. I can also make that decision for children under my care, and since I believe in holding open discussions with children about topics most people wish vehemently did not exist, I would have discussed the ramifications of the particular Buffy episode the article references if I'd been dense enough to let anyone under 14 watch it in the first place. It was very obvious early on in the 6th season of Buffy that this season would not be appropriate for younger viewers. Heck, it was obvious that it wouldn't be particularly appropriate for any viewers.


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