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Everyone seems to be jumping on the blog bandwagon so I thought I'd give it a go as well. Haven't really got a clue what I'm going to talk about, but that's never really stopped me from saying something, so . . .

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Well . . .

(Yes, I know. Such a deep subject for such a shallow mind.)

The man they hired to replace my boss who quit has now gone as well so I am boss-less again.

This is a three day weekend, for which I am truly thankful. I've had the hardest time waking up this week so being a lazy bum for three days sounds like just the thing I need.

Tomorrow I have to get my brakes fixed . . . probably. They aren't squeaky but braking is kind of rough. The car has started to shake.

Let's see . . . What else is there? Not much. Just work and reading and the odd bit of knitting every now and then.

Well, I'm off to bed.

Later, 'gators!


Blogger Roseunicorn said...

I am sick again - started yesterday and all through today.

Got notin' done I was suppose. Ate a salad and chicken sandwich yesterday and a container of yogurt today.

Drank mostly tea and slept for 2 days - as bad as last weekend

10:10 PM, September 02, 2006  
Blogger Roseunicorn said...

wish my boss would go away.

10:12 PM, September 02, 2006  
Blogger Karen said...

Get well soon!

Being Boss-less can be kind of good, can't it? :-D

1:06 AM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Roseunicorn said...

Thanks Karen!

This is the second weekend I have been sick and last week the hubbie was sick also (actually we suspect accidental food poioning in his case).

Hope you are doing good Karen!

11:55 AM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Seitherin said...

Being boss-less leaves me hanging in a sort of limbo 'cause no one has a clue what to do with me. I'm not overly fond of this state.

Sorry to hear you're sick again, Best Friend. You seem to be sick a lot lately. Is it allergy related?

2:10 PM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Roseunicorn said...

Possibly - since I was in Missouri in May and Canada and Vegas in August.

Then there is the beginning of the semester and whatever my students have.

I am also subbing for 2 other faculty - one is at a conference in China and the other one had a stroke (not sure when he will be back).

But anyhow I will survive - I always do.

Oh yeah and just for kicks they changed servers and the new one is causing the usual tech problems - yipee!@!@!@!*(*&#(@

So having trouble getting to my website.

Did you get the email about Oct????

10:01 PM, September 07, 2006  

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