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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just another brick in the wall

You know that completely silly wall the government wants to build along the US/Mexico border that will accomplish nothing but ruining economies in the areas where it's planned and will waste billions more in tax dollars? Well, there are other things it will ruin as well. Take a look at this . . .

Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge
Located within the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, Tijuana Slough is a beautiful 1,500-acre wetland, home to many endangered birds and one endangered plant. It is located in Imperial Beach where the Tijuana River meets the sea and is southern California’s only coastal estuary not bisected by roads and rail lines. More than 370 species of birds have been recorded on the refuge and in the adjacent river valley. Endangered birds include the light-footed clapper rail, California least tern, California brown pelican, Belding’s savannah sparrow, and an endangered plant—salt marsh bird’s beak.

Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
The Estuary is an essential breeding, feeding, and nesting area for resident birds and for the thousands of migratory birds moving along the Pacific Flyway. Over 370 species of birds have been documented in the Reserve, some of which are endangered and threatened. The light-footed clapper rail, a resident bird that depends on marsh cordgrass and may be the most endangered bird in Southern California, is found here in numbers unlike any other wetland is San Diego County.

Folks, it's time to get political again. Tell your congresspeople you will vote them out of office if they agree to this travesty. The only thing walls are good for is building fear and suspicion and hatred. Enough is enough.



Blogger Roseunicorn said...

can anyone say Berlin?

bet there will me more underground ways to get in - if they keep this up.

10:46 PM, June 09, 2007  

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