So I've got a blog . . . Now what?

This is a list of the books I have read. It will be updated continually. When the mood strikes, I may critique a book or otherwise comment on it and I will provide a link back to the critique or comment. The books are listed alphabetically by author.

Magnusson, Magnus (Translator)

Maguire, Gregory

Mankell, Henning

Martin, George R. R.

Matheson, Richard

Matthews, Caitlin

Maxwell, Robin

McCaffrey, Anne

McDowell, Ian

McEwan, Bennett Wm.

McFedries, Paul

McKenzie, Nancy

McKillip, Patricia A.

McKinley, Robin

McLaughlin, Emma

Meloni, Julie C.

Minary, Ruth

Minasi, Mark

Moon, Elizabeth

Moorcock, Michael

Moore, Christopher

Moore, John

Morgan, Edwin

Morgan-Oakes, Melissa