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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fairy update

Despite spending yesterday roaming 'round the area taking photos of things that caught my interest, I did manage to get some stitching in.

Last week's progress . . .
Last week's fairy butterfly progress photo

This week's progress . . .
This week's fairy butterfly progress photo

I've also made a nice bit of progress on the scarf as well. I've been taking it to work with me to knit on during my lunch break. I didn't take any pictures this week because the cats all seemed terribly interested in getting in my way and the Prodigal Son wasn't here to help me with them. I plan on taking the scarf to work with me this week as well so I can get it done more quickly. If things go well, I might have a completed scarf by next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!

If anyone is interested in getting a glimpse of where I live, check out the photos on my other blog - So I've got a blog . . . Now what? If the photos aren't up on the active page, just look in the October 2005 archive. They should be near the top.


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