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Everyone seems to be jumping on the blog bandwagon so I thought I'd give it a go as well. Haven't really got a clue what I'm going to talk about, but that's never really stopped me from saying something, so . . .

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vet scare

Whether you call it FUS, FLUTD or FIC, Horus has it. And it only cost $230 to find this out. At 8:30 this morning. After being worried sick all night 'cause Horus was such a miserable cat yesterday.

But he did enjoy his trip to the vet's office. Didn't much care for the ride there and back, but he liked the vet and his assistant, and he just loved the exam table. Rubbed and drooled all over it. He also didn't raise much of a fuss about having his temperature taken - just gave a startled, annoyed rrrowl and then laid still while the assistant held him and the vet talked to him. He also wasn't bothered with getting two shots. He was only mildly put off by the vet squeezing on his bladder to make urine come out so they could see if there was an actual blockage and to run tests on it. And he was perfectly content to lay on the chair in the waiting area while I dealt with the bill, etc.

He was definitely feeling better this morning than he felt last night. He was so much more his normal self that I almost didn't take him in after calling at 8 a.m. to get him an appointment.

Oh, in case you're interested, the little brute weighs 13 lbs 15 ozs.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And Engineer's Guide to Cats

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Horus and Bear

Horus looking right at the camera
Horus attempting to investigate the camera

Bear being nonchalant
Bear being nonchalant

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inside/outside Izzy

I don't think I've mentioned that Izzy has decided she is an inside/outside cat. She has and she's quite adamant about it. When I got home from my ramble, she greeted me as I got out of the car.

Izzy looking up at me as I try to get our of the car

And then she had to show me how happy she was to see me so I could let her back in the house to eat and drink.

Izzy looking up at me while doing that sexy kitty roll thing on the sidewalk

Silly kitty!


Ghostly Rainbow

I tried to snap a pic of Rainbow, but she decided to move so I have this ghostly image of her. I still think it's kewl the way that happens.


Friday, February 15, 2008

I promised you a picture

But it's not really very helpful, is it? Loki just did not have any interest in cooperating. He was bound and determined to show me his back no matter what I tried to distract him with. Oh, well. Can't really say I blame him.

Loki giving me the cold shoulder

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Boy gone

Loki became gender neutral yesterday. He's back home from the vet's today and he doesn't seem to be the worse for wear although he did insist on chatting with me when I first got home. Poor thing had to tell me just how traumatized he was by his first trip away from home and how he really, really, really didn't appreciate being left at that nasty, strange place.

Normally I would have pictures to go with a post like this, but the rechargeable batteries in my camera finally gave up the ghost after almost four years and I just don't have any others handy at the moment so pictures will have to wait. I guess I should really look online for more batteries for the camera, but I'm feeling lazy right at this moment. It is Friday night after all and I am right in the middle of a really good book.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The three amigos

The three orange kittens roaming about the floor

I tried to get pictures of the kittens, but they just wouldn't hold still for them. They are into exploring and sniffing and being brave. This was the only decent picture I got and it is of the three boys. That's Thor by the wall, still nameless next to him, and Esarhaddon walking into the shot.

Esar is the brave little kitty that could. Open the bedroom door and he is out of it and down the hall before you even realize it. It's that teleportation thing cats do. He doesn't seem to notice or care that everyone except his mother is hissing at him.

They are still so cute.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The god emperor of the universe secure in his domain

Horus sleeping on his back with his belly exposed

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Stash finally holding still long enough for me to snap him. I took this picture in the dining room with the light off which is why he is so out of center. I couldn't see anything through the viewfinder and I was just hoping I'd get him when I clicked.

Now playing: Blondie - Rapture



Rainbow sitting on the chair under the dining table.

Now playing: Russell Crowe - Raewyn


Woolly Bear

Woolly Bear is another of Izzy's kittens. He is the cat I had planned to keep.

Now playing: Corvus Corax - Qui Nous Demaine


Miss Bette

Miss Bette is another of Izzy's kittens. And, yes, the cats have clawed the wallpaper off the walls. I actually hate the wallpaper so I'm not terribly upset by it.

Now playing: Corvus Corax - Qui Nous Demaine


Streak and Mouse

Streak is one of Izzy's kittens. I still have six of the seven she had. They'll be nine months old this weekend.

Now playing: David Arkenstone - The Quest of Culhwch


Nu Bs 2 Bs

The kittens are two weeks old today. I made the Prodigal Son get them out of the closet so I could snap pictures of them. It seems Meli won't let them out to explore. She's an extremely protective mom.

Meli and the three orange kitten
Meli had to be in the middle of the kittens when the Prodigal put them on the bed. I snapped this as he was trying to pick up Meli to move her out of the way.

The four kittens exploring the bed
The four furry monsters sniffing around the bed. They were very curious about what this new place was. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the kitten on the far left is a much paler orange than the two in the middle.

Meli and the babies, nursing
When we wanted to snap Meli and the kittens together, she decided she wanted away from them. This is the Prodigal trying to keep her in place.

The Prodigal Son holding the grey and the pale orange kittens
The Prodigal Son holding the gray and the pale orange kittens.

The Prodigal Son holding the two darker orange kittens
The Prodigal Son holding the two darker orange kittens.

Eat your heart out folks! They are just the cutest things.

Now playing: Loreena McKennitt - Prologue


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The new arrivals are one

One week old, that is.

The Prodigal Son holding the little grey kitten
Here's the Prodigal Son holding what I think will be a grey tabby. We both also think she is a girl. Although you can't see it in the photo, she's got one eye half open.

All four kittens huddled in their nest in the closet
Here all four are snuggled in their nest in the closet. The Prodigal and I think the three orange kittens are all boys. Just what we need . . . three more god emperors of the universe. ~ grin ~


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guess what these are

The new kittens shortly after birth. Three orange and one dark. The new kittens shortly after birth. Three orange and one dark. The new kittens shortly after birth. Three orange and one dark.

They were born this morning. There are four - three orange and one dark. These belong to Meli.

Now playing: The Traveling Wilburys - Tweeter and the Monkey Man


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Can you believe this wee, timorous beastie . . .

Baby Horus sitting on the coffee table

Baby Horus sitting under the coffee table


. . . turned into this grooming lion king?

Horus grooming

Horus taking a small pause from grooming

Horus resuming his grooming


Friday, April 27, 2007

The boys are it!

They - Woolly Bear and Stash - just got back from the vet and they are now not the boys they were when we dropped them off yesterday. They don't appear any the worse for wear.

The kittens playing with a shoelace


Friday, March 30, 2007

Only six left! Hurry, while supplies last!

Would you believe I've actually managed to give one kitten away? Chaps has gone off to her new home. She's gone off to live with a nice older gentleman whom I met at the vet's office last month. The Prodigal Son dropped her off this afternoon.

I can honestly say there isn't much difference between twelve cats and eleven of them.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Horus and Miss Goatee


Sunday, March 11, 2007

This nap is brought to you by . . .

It has been a really, really long time since I took photos of the kittens. Yes, I still have all seven of the littler buggers although there are only six in the photos which follow. Woolly Bear is missing. I have no idea where he was napping.

The kittens napping on the sofa
From left to right: Stripes, Chaps, Stash, Streak, Goatee, Miss Bette

Stash asleep
Stash couldn't be bothered with me snapping pictures. He just kept on dreaming.

Miss Bette napping
Miss Bette also couldn't be bothered by me or with me.

Streak next to Stash
Streak, however, had no problem giving me the evil eye for waking her up.

Goatee looking at me while Chaps sleeps on
Goatee was trying for the evil eye but she just wasn't awake enough. That's Chaps next to her.

Meli on the window looking into the backyard
Last but not least, Meli keeping an eye on the jungle out my back door.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Izzy's back

But you didn't know she was gone, did you? Well, she is and she is now un-sexed. She's been at the vet's since Tuesday getting her little self fixed so we won't have to deal with her getting out and producing another litter. She's glad to be home and she seems to be holding up really well. So far she's dealing with the surgery and the drugs better than either Mouse or Rainbow did that first day back home.

I've informed the Prodigal Son he needs to make sure she's not left unsupervised with the kittens so she doesn't do something or have something done to her that would rip her stitches. We'll see how well that plays out.

Oh, she weight 8.3 pounds. Thought you'd want to know that.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

I was right!

I think it was at their first visit to the vet that I asked the gender of the kittens. Very early on, I'd looked and decided there were two boys and five girls. The Prodigal Son kept insisting there were six girls and one boy. Well, the vet sided with my son, so I haven't bothered checking again. I mean, surely the vet can tell better than I, right?

Not so much.

I picked up the kindle yesterday and the vet told me Stash was the biggest kitten, weighing in at 3.8 pounds. I commented I would have expected Woolly Bear to be the biggest since he was a male. That's when the vet told me Stash was a male as well. Will wonders never cease?


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Meet Moustache

One of the kittens looking at me as I snap her picture

One of the kittens checking out my finger


Dinner time

Six of the kittens having supper at their food bowls

Izzy and one of the kittens chowing down on what's left of dinner


Play time

Miss Bette playing

One of the kittens trying to climb up my jeans

A couple of the kittens playing by the bookcase

Miss Bette and one of the others wrestling on the bed


Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh, and I forgot to mention

The Prodigal was at the vet with the kittens as well. When the vet asked if we were going to keep any of the kittens, the Prodigal told him we were keeping three of them. That was news to me. It seems the Prodigal wants to keep Woolly Bear, Stripes, and Miss Bette.

And before I forget, according to the vet, Woolly Bear is the only male among a kindle of females.


First trip to the vet

The kittens had their first trip to the vet today. One of the nameless crew has developed a fungus and I wanted it treated so the whole bunch was taken in. They all have a sinus infection with attendant goopy eyes for which we have antibiotic and cream. All of them have good lungs and heartbeats. None of them have ear mites. All of them are a little underweight, but we just started them on solid food this week so the vet wasn't terribly concerned. They were given a dose of worming medicine each which none of them liked at all.

And now we're back home and they have been fed. They and Izzy are all snuggled down for a nice nap after polishing off three cans of cat food betwixt them.


Sunday, December 31, 2006

They've escaped!

We brought the kittens out of the bedroom and let them have the run of the house. Meli wants to play with them. Horus just growls and snarls at them. Rainbow hid. And Mouse sat on the window sill placidly observing the furry monsters from a distance.

A couple of the kittens were disconcerted by this vasty space and a couple decided they preferred it to the bedroom. Stripes and Woolly Bear are definitely the alpha cats in this pack.

No glamour shots this week, just a muddle of bad pictures 'cause the silly buggers just wouldn't hold still.

Izzy and the brood in the living room

Three of the black and white kittens sniffing a box

Two of the black and white kittens exploring the floor

A top down shot of Miss Bette Davis wandering about


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We're in trouble now

The kittens have finally gotten their land legs and they've started exploring their surroundings in earnest. So far, four of them have taken to wandering all over the bedroom. Two are Stripes and Wooly Bear and the other two are of the as yet nameless bunch. We have to be very careful opening the door 'cause the little buggers can be anywhere. We've caught them exploring the door hinges and trying to see if they can get under the door to see what's in the Great Outside where people come from.

Poor Izzy. It was bad enough having to deal with seven when they were pretty much immobile, but now . . . No wonder she wants to spend so much time in the Great Outside where the seven aren't. She's happy leaving them alone for a couple of hours while she eats and sleeps.

The Prodigal Son sent me this photo he took of Izzy and the brood. That's Miss Bette Davis she's holding while the rest are nursing. He took the photo with his phone a couple of weeks ago but he didn't send it to me until yesterday.

Izzy hugging Miss Bette Davis while the rest of the brood nurses


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Three weeks old today

Three of the seven have crib names. The first photo at the top is of Miss Bette Davis. The grey tabby is Stripes. And the last photo on the bottom is Wooly Bear.

You can see that they're just the tiniest bit a bigger handful than last week.


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