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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Washcloth #4 Pattern

I still don't know what acceptable, traditional 'pattern speak' is so you'll have to bear with me and ask questions if I give an instruction that is incomprehensible. I'm going to just put up the instructions for the pattern.

K# - knit specified number of stitches
P# - purl specified number of stitches
R - Randmacshe (first / last stitch)

NOTE: The pattern is worked over 6 + 2 stitches. This means the pattern covers 6 stitches plus one beginning stitch and one ending stitch. In German, the first and last stitches are called Randmaschen and that is how I always think of them. The Randmaschen are never part of the pattern.

Row 1: R, * K6 *, R

Row 2: R, * P2, K4 *, R

Row 3: Repeat Row 1

Row 4: Repeat Row 2

Row 5: Repeat Row 1

Row 6: R, * K3, P2, K1 *, R

Row 7: Repeat Row 1

Row 8: Repeat Row 6

This completes the 8 rows that make up one iteration of the pattern. The asterisks (*) in the pattern rows indicate the 6 stitches of the pattern.

To make the washcloth, cast on as many multiples of 6 as you'd like plus 2 extra stitches. I worked two rows of knit stitches across before I began the pattern. Work the eight rows of the pattern for as long as you'd like the washcloth to be. End the pattern on Row 4. To finish, knit two rows of stitches across. Bind off on the next row.

My washcloth was 44 stitches wide and 64 rows long.



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