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Monday, May 23, 2005

Progress report, sampler, scarf, and fairy

I've not worked on the fantasy sampler in three weeks. Still too busy at work to tackle it. The projects I'm involved in at work are both nearer the end, so I should have time to start working on the sampler again soon.

I've only spent about three hours working on the scarf for my stepdaughter this last week. There were just too many penultimate and ultimate episodes of shows I watch regularly on television to knit. With everything winding down this week, there will be lots more time to knit. As you can see, it has gotten a little longer and I think photographing it on the white sheet shows off its blue color better.

Progress photo of scarf


I only work on Night on the weekends, but I usually spend almost all the daylight hours both days stitching on it. This is a picture of the progress as of yesterday evening when I put it away.

Work in progress photo of cross stitch butterfly fairy called Night

As you can see, despite the bad lighting, I've gotten the one wing done.


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